We crack any software, any code, reverse all that can be reversed.

Order for crack!
  • We always provide a full-working demo. It's usually a virtual machine (like VMware) to which you can connect remotely and check your software thoroughly.
  • You will be able to use crack/keygen/dongle emulator on any computer! It will not be fixed to one computer, run it anywhere!
  • Usual cost for any crack/keygen/dongle emulator/other solution is USD 300 (flat fee).
  • Payment systems we work with are Western Union, SWIFT wire transfer, Webmoney and Bitcoin.
  • We provide FTP account so you can easily upload everything to us.
  • We encourage you to use PGP or GnuPG cryptosystem to make email exchange secure. Here is my PGP public key: steven.pgp
  • Another way of sending encrypted messages is bitmessage. My identity there is BM-NBsuLEpxSrD4e1b5rfMoYFSeRmFMNaEf
  • How fast? No, I can't guarantee it will be ready fast. Since I'm working for quality, I do things slow and reliable.

My emails: steven.lancaster@gmail.com or steven_t_lc@bitwixen.com

softwareand what I have
SAP NetWeaver 7.2patched executable for license signing bypassing
IPL Cantata Instrumenter/Preprocessor/Test Script Generator V3.4-001license file
Language Weaver 5.3screenshot. available for testing!
Pix4DMapper 1.3.0screenshot. available for testing!
Creo CS Xpose 3.5Screenshot. Need keygen? Contact me.
Textronic Design Dobby DB2012patched file, no more sentinel dongle
DHI 2014 software package (x86 and x64)Magic DLL, patched files
DHI [2009, 2012] software package (x86 and x64)Magic DLL
Esko 12.1 for Adobe Illustrator CS5 32-bitpatched DLL file
ENVI LiDAR 3.2license file + patched executables
Trimble UASMaster 5.6.3 (64 bit)no-donle patch. other modules available by request
Trimble UASMaster 5.6.2 (64 bit)no-donle patch. other modules available by request
inpho OrthoMaster 5.6.2 (64 bit)no-donle patch. other modules available by request
inpho OrthoMaster (64 bit)no-donle patch. other modules available by request
inpho Application Master and OrthoMaster 5.3.0 (32 bit)no-donle patch. other modules available by request
ImageStation Automatic Triangulation 2013no-license patch. other modules available by request
ImageStation Automatic Programmetric Manager 2013no-license patch. other modules available by request
GeoStudio to bypass license check: available by request
PixelStream 5.1 HQ-510PC v7.0r0dongle emulator + license: available by request
PixelStream 5.3 impos2000dongle emulator + license: available by request
Gemcom GEMS 6.5[demo] dongle emulator + license
ABB Composer 5.1/6.0[demo] license generator
Virtual DMIS 6.5/6.7/7.0[demo] dongle reader/writer
WAMIT 6.416patched executable (bypass copy protection)
BASIS 11, 12, 13need SAVEP/CLEARP password unlock solution? contact me!
BASIS PRO v5full license
BASIS 10.0full license
Use it with l_pubkey_verify function patcher!
BASIS 13.01full license
Use it with l_pubkey_verify function patcher! ask for a demo if not working.
ABB Composer/Automation Architect"No license" patched DLL
Odeon 8Patched executable
Odeon 11.10 & 12 Combined[demo] Magic DLL
Xycron NexRT 1.0 (Aug 19 2013)screenshot. contact me for a demo!
Xycron NexRT 1.0Patched file(s)
mb AEC Ing+ (2013)Wibu dongle emulator + license file
mb AEC Ing+ (2014)Wibu dongle emulator + license file
cadsoftbank HOBS v2.0screenshot. contact me for demo!
cadsoftbank PINION CUTTER SIMULATIONscreenshot. contact me for demo!
DHI / MikeZero / Mike21 / Mike3just solution
DHI [2003] / MikeZero / Mike21 / Mike3just solution
Creo Feature Licensing (for machines like Trendsetter, Magnus, etc)[demo] keygen
Kodak Insite 6.5/6.7[demo] dongle emulator + keygen
Prinergy Evo 6.0[demo] dongle emulator + keygen
Prinergy Evo 5.0, 5.1, 5.2[demo] dongle emulator + keygen
Prinergy 6/6.1 (also known as Prinergy Connect)[demo] dongle emulator + keygen
Prinergy 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 (also known as Prinergy Connect)[demo] dongle emulator + keygen
Colorist CE3000Patched files against Sentinel Pro protection
Compusense CPS Run-Time System Version 3.02+ (1997) for SCO OpenServerPatched file against Sentinel Pro protection
Klocwork 9.0license file
Siemens UGS NX 7.5/8.0Contact me about it: steven_t_lc@bitwixen.com
AVEVA Marine 12 SP6License file + patched executables
DNV Sesam 2011License file
FORAN V60R3.0 / VISUAL3D ProfessionalLicense file + patched executables for FLEXlm daemon and Visual 3D
Arden Impact 2010 (or MabraCAD)Magic DLL
Autonomy SoftSound server (unknown version)Full license
ColorRight Pro 2.0No dongle (Sentinel EVE) patch
FANUC RCS V6.40magic-DLL
Wenzel CAA-Editor V3.2.2no-dongle patch
RCM Hexagon CMM Cal Keygenkeygen
Rainbow Sentinel _SUPSSP630F() function patcher (for working with unsigned drivers)x86, x64 version 1, x64 version 2 (better to use both for x64)
SIGLO-2DPatched file
VACHETTE RADIAWIN 1.2Remove dongle
Ucam v8.5License + patched license server daemon
FLEXlml_pubkey_verify function patcher (Linux x86, Python script)
FLEXlml_pubkey_verify function patcher (Windows x86, Python script)
FLEXlml_pubkey_verify function patcher (Windows x64, Python script)
Delmia (d5r18sp2 / d5r18sp6 / d5r19) IGRIP et al.Patched vmap.exe, license file and license generator
DELMIA/IGRIP vmap D5R9license file
Img2CAD 7.1Patched img_cad.exe file
HydraCAD 51.7 rev.6Patched files plus magic DLL
LECO ChromaTOF (Pegasus) 2.00Patched EXE file + dongle emulator
GASWorkS 9Patched DLL
ViSoft 2010-1Patched DLLs
Premier Power 2.0Patched version (bypass Dallas dongle check)
Imacam gt and run to eavesdrop correct license key: gt.exe -l:Imacam.exe bpx=0x004FCE43,dump(ecx,16)
Mapsoft 2000 Professional version patched executable do not require dongle
Mapsoft 2007Magic DLL
Tanner Tools V15.02Patch to enable "HiPer DevGen" and "PXH" license features
Comtronic DebtMaster 7.11Magic DLL
RayfleX Version 2.300Cracked DLL
Autobend PC 1.10 (old software from 1993)Patched executable
Elsag Bailey Process Automation. Command CAD (CCAD) 2.0Dongle emulator for dongle number 1
Another dongle number is possible, mail me.
TruPC REL 1.75 (old DOS CNC software)Executable patched to not check Sentinel Pro
inpho OrthoVista SE 4.3.0Get generic tracer and run:
gt.exe -l:orthovistase.exe bpf=0x0041C750,rt:0,skip
hyd-RO-dose 6.00Mdownload CRK file
WaterCycle Rx 6.00Ldownload CRK file
Various Molecular Discovery Ltd. products for win32download CRK file
Various Molecular Discovery Ltd. products for Linuxdownload CRK file
Intusoft's Test Designer Time 8.9.11 Build 2450download CRK file
Intermac Icam 1.5.0 - Build 230download CRK file
Aroad 2002Patched file(s)
MAT v6.67Loader
VICONiQ 2.5Loader
Avenza Geographic ImagerPatched file + License file
MDSI OpenCRC 6.6Patched file(s)
CADWIN 8.0Patched file(s)
PERfection 3.0.10Patched file(s)
DELCAM CRISPINPatched file(s)
Pongrass AdEntry SystemPatched file(s)
RSoft Photonics CAD Suite file
Trafficware Synchro Studio 7.1 with WarrantsPatched files
Schrodinger productsExample license.
Use it with l_pubkey_verify function patcher!
Quantum3D MantisKeygen
Quanvert 1.7.3Patched REPARK.DLL file (no dongle), CRK file (no dongle)
JRC 3D Reconstructor file, patched file
Advantage Database Server 6.0serial numer
Altera Max-Plus v9full license
Ansoft HFSS v7full license
Ansoft HFSS v8full license
Ansoft HFSS v9.2ask me
Ansoft Serenade 8.5full license
Ansoft Designer Nexxim Beta 2.0 (Apr 3 2004)ask me
Ansoft SIwave 2.0 Beta (Mar 15 2004)ask me
ANSYS v5.6full license
ArcInfo 8.xTest emulator: ESRI_SENTINEL_KEY=37123456
Atril DejaVu 3.0.18patch
BeamPROP v4patch
Bently MicroStation 95patch
BioComp's NeuroGenetic Optimizersmall hardlock emulator
CAD-ULfull license
Caligola Comelz 335patch
ClioSoft SOSfull license
COPLAN / TOPASfull license
Corel CATALYST v3.0 Build 1084.1patch
CST MAFIA v4license
CST Microwave Studio v2full license
CST Microwave Studio v3full license
D.I.E. XFEMilylicense generator
Danalizer Eurochartskeygen
Declude JunkMailkeygen
DELCAM productsemulator for 12345 number (check with chkpaf.exe)
Diaquest Animaq-Digitalsentinel emulator
Digital Naturetools v3.1full license
DualSoft 2.0allow any license
DVD-Conductor v2.5 Build 2180sentinel emulator
DVD-Maestro v2.5 Build 2180sentinel emulator
Eagle Point / Masonry Wall 5.0patch
Eagleware GENESYS 7.5/7.51/7.52patch
ECSCAD 4.5Wibu dongle emulator
ECSCAD 5.0Wibu dongle emulator
EEsof / Advanced Design System 1.3/1.5license file
Esteem v5.2 & EsteemPlus v6.2.4.8contact doublejeff@ua.fm
EZ-CAM MILLsentinel emulator
FeatureCAM 7sentinel emulator
FEMAP v8crack+dongle emulator
Filter Solutions 8.0NOT CLASIFIED :-)
FLEXlmFLEXID=7-12345678 dongle emulator
Fluent Airpak v2license file
FlumeCADfull license
FME Universal Translator 2000patch
ForthCADImportant note
GAUSS 3.5full license
GC-Place 4.1.2NetSentinel .dll file
GeoGraphixMagic .dll
GeoPLUS Petra emulator
GerbTool V10FLEXlm emulator
HP VEE 6.01patch
HSPICE 2001.4license
IAR H8 C-Compiler V1.41B/W32patch
IES (Amperes, Celsius, etc)NetSentinel emulator (for old vers)
IRWIN Report 5.21sentinel emulator
ISaGRAF 4.30sentinel emulator
Jyotish sagepatch
Kenwood KPG-65EDsentinel emulator
MAGIC Tool Suite 3.1patch
Maptitude v4.5patch
Materials Studio v2.0full license
MEMCAD 4full license
MEMS Pro v2patch
Mentor Graphics 2000 Utility [Veribest]full license
Mentor Graphicsfull license
Microwave Office 4.0full license
Omnicom V5key generator
OmniServer 1.2-111patch
PEPS v5Wibu dongle emulator + regenerated license file
Piping Systems Fluid Flow v2.26patch
Planit Millenium BRWdongle emulator
Plant4Dsentinel emulator
Plaxis 8.2 Professional [Update Pack 4 (Build 133)]contact doublejeff@ua.fm
PRAGMA (r) Power CAD
Pro/ENGINEER 2001 / 2001280 / 23.0full license!
RAM 6.2 Structuralpatch
Rapid-SQL 5.5patch
RASTRAC MX 4.2sentinel emulator
ReticMaster v2001.1 (Build 905)patch + dongle emulator
RipExpressset HOSTID to 12345678
SaberDesigner 4.x/5.xfull license
Satellite Tool Kit 4.2full license
SONNET v6patch
Staad Pro 2000.dll
StateCADfull license
Struc-Pluskey generator
Synopsis FPGA Expressfull license
Synplicity Synplify 6.11full license
SysCalc 4patch
Trados 2007, 2009I can help you if you have valid license. Screenshot.Contact me.
Trados 5.5 Freelance EditionDongle emulator
Trados 5.5 Team EditionDongle emulator
Trados 6.0 Freelance EditionDongle emulator
Trados 6.5Dongle emulator
TransCAD 3.5patch
TransEDA VNavigatorfull license
UniGraphics v18dongle emulator + full license
VisiCAD 10.0all
Visual DSP 2.0full license file (need to work FLEXID=7-12345678)
Visual DSPfull license
Wolverine GPSS/H 3.50, P4 4.0, SLX 0.99dongle emulator
xystum digiline v1.5.6crack
Zeland IE3D/Fidelity/MDSPICE/MTRAN v7security manager
Zeland IE3D/Fidelity/MDSPICE/MTRAN v8security manager

FLEXlm dongles (FLEXID):

Sentinel dongle emulator setupped for FLEXlm dongle, it shall shows like :
lmutil - Copyright (C) 1989-1999 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is "FLEXID=7-12345678"
here is it

Dallas DS1410d can be easily emulated, it also appearing as FLEXID8 dongle in FLEXlm.
Here is demo for FLEXID=8-123456789ABC, file must be placed to WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS.
You may use lmutil.exe lmhostid -flexid for check out.

... what I can:
Crack and reverse just anything, any software, designed for:
Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/CE/2000/XP, any MS-DOS/PC-DOS, OS/2 Warp or 4th,
Novell Netware, Linux (any kernel), FreeBSD, anything that goes on my IBM PC, even QNX,
Java, J2ME, J2EE, AutoLISP.
I can reverse/redesign/recompile/reassemble any part of software, DLL or driver,
like dongle drivers. Thus I know how to make emulator for HASP3, any type of
Rainbow Sentinel, Activator, Novex, DESKey, Wibu, Key-Lok, MicroPhar,
Eutron Smartkey, Proteq.
I can regenerate serial number, license file, FLEXlm, and so.
Of course, I can try to do something on some exotic platform, embedded hardware, etc.

If you want to have 'solution' for an unlisted software, well, write me,
but for the first please read this :

- If you have Sentinel CPLUS type of dongle or NetSentinel-C, download this,
and run it on the compter with the dongle connected. Then, send me created file,
it contains dongle memory map.
- If you have Sentinel SuperPro dongle, do the same, but download and run this.
- For USB-type Sentinel SuperPro dongle, use this memory this.
- If you have SentinelPro or SentinelScribe - we'll need whole software
installation - exaclty installation, nothing else.
- If you have HASP, Hardlock, or something another dongle - as the same,
I'll need installation of your software.
- If you have FLEXlm protected application - the same.
- If you have just protected software - write me at least URL where I'll
able to download it.
- If you are software engineer who willing to protect your software more
better - ask me, I'm always glad to consult anyone in this area.

My URL is bitwixen.com

My e-mails are steven_t_lc@bitwixen.com and steven.lancaster@gmail.com

Other contacts:
GTalk: steven.lancaster
MSN: steven.lancaster@gmail.com
Skype: steven_t_lc
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