Hi everyone!

As of December 2018, I still cracking software and making keygens.
Anyone needs it?

Some of my latest work:

* Kodak Prinergy Connect 8.3:
Also Kodak Alaris CapturePro + KSS + PREPS...
As of Evo 8.2 - I need at least one sample license key from Kodak, to finish my keygen.

* Creo Feature Licensing.
Now my dongle emulator supports CFL versions 3.7.x or higher:

* Kodak Service Dongle AKA CFL SDM
Demo: http://www.bitwixen.com/tmp/CFL_SDM_demo.rar

Dongle emulator which works as on screenshot: $300.
Keygen, so that you'll be able to change name, expiration date, access level
("Creo", "Agent", "Advanced User", "Service Engineer") - $500.

Also, additional "permissions" could be set in keygen, like: "Can generate permanent customer licenses", 
"Can generate permanent internal licenses", "Can program service dongles", "Can validate definition files", 
"Can be served on Creo domain(s)", "Can program Master service dongles".

* Caxpert ( https://www.caxperts.com ):

* Esko ArtPro 16

* X-Rite InkFormulation 6.3.1
* GMG OpenColor 2.1.5
* BASIS BBj 18.10, incl. SAVEP feature
* ArcGIS Extensions v14.0
* CallXpress 8.x
* Wenzel CAA-Editor V3.2.2
* Textronics Design Dobby DB2012
* Microinvest WareHouse Pro
* Hydracad
* IPL Cantata
* AnzioWin 17
* inpho/Trimble products. UASMaster 9.0.1.
* Ancient Japanese software: CAM-tool/net-tool
* SipTester
* www.emerson.com - CSI
* German-specific software: mb AEC 2019, Dlubal, RIB, Dammwerk, Rohr2, Frilo
* ERDAS Intergraph 
* Trimble Ag App Central
* SAP NetWeaver 7.2
* Gemcom GEMS 6.5 
* Creo Feature Licensing keygen
* HP Indigo Unicorn keygen
* Vertex G4 24.0 solution
* Quantum3D Mantis 2.6.3
* Autobend PC 1.10 (old software from 1995)
* Xycron NexRT 1.0 (Aug 19 2013)
* ENVI LiDAR + IDL 3.2
* DNV Poseidon 1.7
* FORAN V60R3.0 / VISUAL3D Professional
* Virtual DMIS 7.0
* Language Weaver 5.3
* WAMIT 6.416

Also, I'm looking for Marx dongle API, documentatin files, etc...

Please contact me via BitMessage: https://bitmessage.org
It's much safer than E-Mail!
My ID there: BM-2cTVoYKtmSBpgJtVwD6J4j7w8y6P4esYtm

Or emails:

My PGP key: http://www.bitwixen.com/tmp/steven_lancaster_2018-2020.asc

Telegram: @bitwixen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitwixen

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